Which Botties sole fits my foot?

Our Botties sole is available in different sizes from EU 24 to 46. Our measuring system is based on the common shoe sizes, which is why we also give corresponding recommendations that are usually very reliable for the standard way of wearing. If you are still unsure or have a specific way of wearing the shoes in mind, you can print out our foot ruler on A4 paper and do the quick test. *


We differentiate between the following wearing styles:

A: Standard wearing style with 10mm insole

B: Wearing without (or with very thin) insole – e.g. the classic cottage shoe, where the whole sock is sewn in.

C: Wearing style with a thick felt sock inserted OR with a 10mm insole and an upper shoe with a strong inward facing lining.

*ATTENTION: The test is currently in the BETA phase.

As the results may be distorted due to inaccurate measurements or reduced/enlarged printouts of scales, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the results.

Please share your experiences with us so that we can optimise the foot ruler together. We have prepared a mini-survey for this purpose.