The New Sneaker Sole – Stay Tuned!

Why should the manufacture of shoes be reserved only for shoemakers or large fashion companies? Why can’t we just make shoes ourselves? The answer is obvious: a complex manufacturing process and special tools are simply a deterrent!

So we set to work …

At Botties Lab, we’ve been working on a new sole shape for the past few months: the Minimalist Sneaker. The new minimalist sneaker sole combines the sporty look of a sneaker with the foot-friendliness of a barefoot shoe. It gives maximum freedom to the toes while looking super sporty.

Here are the features of our prototype:

– ultra-flexible, robust sole in the usual Botties quality

– pronounced sole profile for strong grip on the go

– wide toe box for maximum toe freedom

– flat, 3mm thin sole for your barefoot feeling

Maximum freedom for your feet and your creativity: that’s the idea behind our new sneaker sole. We took a lot of time to develop the optimal wearing comfort and the perfect fit. In the end, you can expect a well thought-out design that your feet will enjoy for a long time.

With the matching mesh upper made from recycled plastic, our sole already cuts a really good figure. Overall, we have greatly simplified the sewing of the upper shoe to reduce the use of tools. So you can easily sew sneakers yourself with your sewing machine. Basic sewing skills are all you need!

For the usual Botties quality and perfect fit, we developed several prototypes together with our regional partners and tinkered for months to make sure the sole would meet all requirements.

Now the development process is complete and full of anticipation, we are preparing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finance series production 💰

The sneaker sole will then be available from us starting in fall 2022 💖