Get your boots on, ladies!

From ankle boots to overknee: boots are wonderfully warm companions in autumn and conjure up beautiful legs in no time. Don’t worry: thanks to Botties®, making your own boots is not difficult at all! Different cuts, simple instructions and inspiration for your DIY boots are now available in the store 👢.

Here we have a small preview of different boot models for you:

All models you will find at

Comfortable thanks to cut adjustment

Boots must not only fit well on the foot, but also fit comfortably on the ankle and calf. That’s why boot manufacturers often work with flexible rubber inserts and elastic materials.

This is where homemade boots have a big advantage:
With the individual Botties® cut adjustment, you make a boot just the way you like it ❤️ Upper shoe and shaft width can be completely adjusted to your needs – and there are hardly any limits when it comes to the material, lining and color. Whether it’s vegan faux leather that adapts crease-free to your every move, or warm wool yarn: homemade boots are not only ultra-comfortable, but also really chic!

By the way, if you’re unsure what “ingredients” you need for your boots, check out our starter kits. We’ve put together the instructions for the most popular boot styles, along with everything you need to complete a pair of DIY boots, in one kit. Best of all, we’ll give you 10% off all the ingredients!