Unique DIY shoes for kids

Whether for school, kindergarten or at home: Here we tell you what is important for DIY children’s shoes.

Botties® soles and instructions are also available for children. Whether cozy slippers, fashionable ballerinas or warm winter boots – the ultra-flexible Botties® sole adapts perfectly to even small children’s feet.

Children’s feet are as different as our children themselves. Some have a wide foot, others a high instep. Sometimes even the left foot differs from the right. But thanks to the individual cut adjustment, a suitable DIY shoe can be homemade for every child’s foot.

And this much is certain: the kids will love the ultra-thin and lightweight sole! Flexible but robust, it makes every movement while romping, running, jumping and climbing playfully. The foot is not constricted by rigid soles, but kicks the shoe individually in shape, similar to a sock. This means that Botties® soles can be worn all day at kindergarten or school without any problems.

Romping around with Botties® is fun

Before you get started and create unique shoes for your kids, here are a few tips:

What size to choose?

Kids’ soles tend to run a little larger, so we recommend going down a size for crochet Botties® and summer-stitched versions. For Botties® with thick lining, the sizing is usually correct.

Better too tight than too wide

Children romp a lot and are always on the move. It is important that the feet find support in the homemade shoes. With crocheted Botties® you should make sure that they are not a bit too wide. While crocheting, let your child slip into them every two or three rounds (don’t forget the insole) and check that the shoe fits the foot tightly. Crochet too tightly rather than too loosely. The yarn will give a little when worn anyway, and after a few days you will have a shoe shape that fits perfectly.

Pay attention to the yarn quality

It is best to play on the floor. Preferably on your knees! To prevent the yarn from rubbing through quickly at the front edge of the sole, we recommend using a particularly robust yarn for round 0. For example our Round 0 yarn in 0.8 mm or in 1 mm.

Now you can let your creativity run free: Design individual botties for every occasion. Models, instructions and ideas can also be found on our site botties.de/kids (in German).