BoshiBotties: Make your own shoes!

Innovative soles for DIY shoes are conquering the crochet market. The Pforzheim newcomer “mabottie” cooperates with the trendsetter “myboshi”: The stylish BoshiBottie makes the summer perfect

DIY and needlework are booming. Lockdown, a rainy summer – there are many good reasons to make yourself comfortable on the sofa with needle and thread. As a rule, this creates hats, scarves and warm socks. But why not make your own shoes? Preferably ones that you can also wear on the street?

Isabelle Possehl, a young entrepreneur and designer from Pforzheim, dared to tackle this difficult topic and quickly realized: the DIY shoe usually fails because of the sole. So she got inventive and in 2017 launched the first DIY shoe sole that is pollutant-free, 100 percent recyclable, waterproof, ultra-flexible and über stylish. Her patented Botties soles can be redesigned again and again depending on your mood and the season, and they look great on the street, too. The very sturdy, durable sole is reusable and thus fully complies with the slow fashion trend. The DIY sole is manufactured in Kraichgau, so it’s Made in Germany. “That’s important to me,” Possehl emphasizes, “because especially in the Corona year we noticed that global supply chains can be quickly disrupted.”

In recent years, her innovative company mabottie has become a promising handmade newcomer in Germany: Bottie’s products are now listed at all major retailers, and in May 2021, MEZ Crafts Group joined the Pforzheim-based start-up as a shareholder. As a result, Possehl now has one of the leading manufacturers of handmade products at her side. “We are totally excited and highly motivated for the future,” says the mother of three. The first sales in Japan, the USA or Spain are just getting underway. There, too, the easy-to-work-with soles are a real novelty on the market.

Many still know from myboshi that young handicraft companies can trigger a real hype. The German do-it-yourself start-up was founded in 2009 by two students who discovered their joy of crocheting in Japan and promptly launched the hat label myboshi. At that time, they woke up the German handicraft industry from its slumber and triggered a cult with their colorful crochet hats. In the meantime, myboshi has made the leap out of its startup shoes and is a technology company that uses data analysis to track down trends in the creative industry. The product portfolio is broad with many innovative ideas from wool to natural dyes to macramé yarns.

myboshi and mabottie are two young German companies that address similar target groups: young, creative people who are rediscovering needlework for themselves. To capitalize on their shared strengths, mabottie is cooperating with myboshi this summer. Together they developed the BoshiBottie, a street-ready DIY summer slipper.

The casual BoshiBotties are ready in no time at all, promise the two idea givers: about one hour of crochet time is needed per shoe. The slipper is crocheted in a trendy striped look from the vegan summer wool myboshi No. 2, which is made from 100 percent natural fibers and offers everything you could want from a modern summer yarn: It is heat-regulating, breathable, skin-friendly, washable at 60 degrees and certified according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Instructions for the unisex slipper, as well as everything you need to get started right away, are available in a handy “all-inclusive kit.” It can be ordered via the Botties webshop. Optionally with matching myboshi or Botties labels.

And the best: In winter, the soles can easily be converted into warm slippers. Matching patterns and instructions can be downloaded free of charge from the Botties website. So Botties soles are definitely a convincing novelty that needlework fans will enjoy for a long time.